Auvergne – Sleeping in a Yurt


Camping and sleeping in a tent or under the stars has always been pretty exciting to me. It reminds me of childhood dreams of adventures and escaping from the real world. A few weeks ago, we rented a Yurt on Airbnb and drove an hour away from Lyon to a place called Saint Anthème in Auvergne.

The vilage stands in a natural park, and the yurts are a 20 min drive from the village itself in the middle of nowhere, where volcanoes starts. We bought some cheese and bread at the local bakery and where ready to experience our first night in a yurt.


The owner has two yurts and rents a few rooms in his private farmhouse as well. We were the only guests that night and we had the yurt above. It was very warm inside well decorated and we felt good and relaxed instantly in the middle of this quiet and peaceful environment. 

That night was very agitated and we found ourselves in the midst of a windstorm that was very violent all over France. At the beginning we did not know if it was normal to feel the yurt and the roof structure move and to hear so strongly the wind tapping against the walls, so we went back to sleep. But eventually after the first two times the wind woke us up, we started to be afraid that the whole structure would fall on us while we were asleep … And at around 6am, exhausted, we decided to leave and to look for a place to have a good breakfast on the way to relax and laugh at this intense but memorable experience !

Here are some photos of the inside of the beautiful  yurt.






The farmhouse with our private bathroom on the left.


The second yurt at the bottome of the garden




The hilly road that leads to the yurt


On our way to the yurts we  made a few stop to Saint-Victor-sur-Loire and the Castle d’Essalois.






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